Green initiatives: Past Present & Future:

We grow produce for the kitchen in our poly tunnel and raised beds and also sell home grown fruits and plants to regenerate the garden.

When the current supply of plastic bags are finished for packed lunches. There will be paper bags available with a sign saying: 'In the interests of the planet please only take if necessary'.

Most fruit and Veg is delivered loose in returnable crates. School apples are an exception from time to time. Mixed leaf bags (when used) are recyclable.

All plastic tubs are re used in the kitchen for food storage, in Housekeeping as organisers and in the garden when weeding.

When ordering we do try to avoid vacuum packs where possible. Meat does have to be vacuum packed for shelf life and Health & Safety. Other items are vacuum packed for safe transportation.

Fruit juice cartons for Schools are recyclable.

Raw food trimmings are composted. Other food, eggshells etc are added to our JK500 rapid compost maker.

Cardboard, tins, glass and plastics are all recycled.

Cooking oil is recycled to Bio Diesel.

Coffee grinds and teabags are also composted.

Foam soap dispensers have been introduced in all public washrooms, Dormitory and Kitchen to reduce consumption.

We have recently changed to a range of Eco chemicals for housekeeping and cleaning

Bin bags and room bin liners are made from recycled plastic and are biodegradable.

We use local suppliers where possible to reduce our carbon footprint. Furthest being Sheffield Fruit Market.

Fully recyclable and biodegradable water bottles which can be personalised are available to purchase at just £1.00 for packed lunches in place of single use water bottles which are still available if required.

Schools are advised that all children should arrive with a water bottle.

Paper cups will be in use occasionally for extremely large groups when there is pressure on glasses in the dining room.

We have sun tubes to reduce electricity consumption on ground and first floors.

We use low energy light bulbs.

We have "air to air" heat source in the Sunroom, Hibbert Room & Charles Peach Hall for ease of use by groups and added efficiency.

The heating systems are run by Smart Heat which detects outside temperature and sets themselves when required.

We had grey water flushing for the downstairs washrooms. Unfortunately, the reservoir has become completely depleted and so this operation is not currently in use but ready to go if the reservoir fills sufficiently in the future.

Plastic disposable cups have been replaced in the bedrooms with reusable cups and are dishwasher safe.

We have timed lighting on the first floor corridors, stairs, dining room and washrooms.

There is soon to be a second water dispenser in the self-catering kitchen, currently awaiting connection.

We are in discussion regarding possible grants for:

  • An outdoor bottle filler for children playing out and for walkers to fill up,
  • A pay as you go electric vehicle charger for use by Centre residents and people from surrounding villages,
  • Solar Panels,
  • Wind Power.